Re:Purpose for Good

A robotic and prosthetic start-up to refine the value of “waste” and co-create a solution with a team of legends.

Repurpose for good Successfully crowdfunded $10k to kick the project off. The team then went on to win the people’s choice award at Pitch@Palace Australia.

You might have also caught the team on SBS or on various radio segments.



A contagious movement to unlock human potential. This project was born off the back Sara’s 30th Birthday, whereby she asked all of her friends and family to give a fuck for her birthday, instead of getting her “stuff”. In 24 hours, 30 countries were activated and the movement impacted approximately 10,000 people.

Fuckgiving is now a digital and real world collective of legends committed to bettering themselves and the planet

mer school.jpg


A pop-up school on a sail boat to co-create solutions for the sea. The brain child of Kate Nelson (@plasticfreemermaid) and Sara Rickards. This is an experimental school designed how “school should be” - playful, creative, purposeful and with whales and dolphins.